Haiku-a-Thon…the Finale! (or Finally?)

Here is the conclusion to this week’s haiku jamboree. In the midst of busy days and life’s concerns, I hope that in a small way this has been a temporary reprieve. Have a great weekend.

Quiet, deafening–
Countless droplets sound applause

like liquid worship

(With Daniel’s permission–thanks, Dan!)
Gleaming expanse shines
in Mr. Clean-like glory
…Brother-in-law’s head

Spectators cheer for
what seems like eternity–

Cloud of witnesses

Haiku Hibernation

In case you’re following the haiku fandango this week, you’ve probably noticed that new ones haven’t appeared the last couple of days. I wish I had some interesting reason, like uncovering a local underground mime ring… or threats from a rival haiku-writing blog (which I suspect is related to the Van Buren Boys, for those of you who of know them). Nope, it has just been things like work and dilated eyes. Anyway, I’ll post a plethora of haikus later today. Stay tuned!