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Surprise! I bet some of you thought I’d never post again, especially right now. Well, that’s the wonder of blogging technology.

Quick post: I was challenged to finish Creed’s story (see the previous post). Here’s how I think it went…(now told from Creed’s point of view)

As I mulled over how to capture the one-armed yeti pilot, he abruptly turned on his heels and marched outside the plane. Curiosity nagged me. I started to follow him. Though my body was willing, my legs were still weak from the cramping. I dragged a limp leg behind me, but I didn’t want the yeti to think that I was pretending to have a limp. Some people do that, ya know.

I tracked the yeti through the forest for several miles. The hours flew by as my curiosity propelled me onward. I then had to stop. The yeti paused at the edge of the forest, as if peering at something in the distance. I neared him and caught a glimpse of what he was watching. In the clearing sat a stately home, one of those traditional kinds you see in English movies like The English Patient. Horrible movie. Anyway, a short distance from the house was a young lady sipping from a teacup. She sat upright on her wicker furniture. Her brown, curly hair sprouted from her head like…well, brown, curly hair.

The yeti took a deep breath and strode purposefully toward the young lady. She looked up and smiled at him. It was her loving suitor. I thought to myself, “Hey, I want some tea, and she’s not bad looking.” So I followed the yeti. When I got there I poked him in the back. (I wouldn’t recommend doing that with your everyday yeti.) He turned around and growled at me.

I challenged him to a duel of words, with the lady as the prize. She batted her eyes. The yeti hung his head, for he could only babble around his lovely lady. I sang “Supercalafragalisticexpialadocious” and won her heart instantly. The yeti trotted back to his plane in defeat. I sat down on the wicker furniture, winked at me-lady, and gulped the scalding hot tea.

The End

Weekend silliness…seriously.

Fridays are a great time to write fun posts. Try this one on for size.

I’ve stumbled on to a fellow aspiring writer. Those of you who watch “The Office” on Thursdays are familiar with the character of Creed. He’s a harmless-looking, middle-aged character with a colorful past (and present; notice that I said he’s harmless looking). Pretty sure he’s lost brain cells along the way.

Anyway, this character has a (ahem) “blog” on the the show’s web site. Creed is now writing his own adventure story series, like the stories he said as a boy he read in the back of comic books. Here’s his blog, along with the first two installments of the story. Be sure to start with the April 3rd entry. I can’t vouch for how the story will evolve in the future, but so far it’s…um, creative.
Creed Thoughts


I’ve had several people ask about the short story writing contest I entered last month.
Well, guess what!!!…..I didn’t win. =) Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

The West Texas Writers posted the winners list on their web site last night. Seventy stories vied for the prizes, I found out from a contest organizer. I know for a fact that other quality stories were entered that didn’t place, either. Honestly, I accomplished what I wanted by having something to spur me on to write the story then put it out there for strangers’ eyes.

It was my first story written since I’ve grown taller than about four feet, and I had so much fun doing it. (I’m even smiling as I write this!) I have a hunch I won’t give up any time soon. Anyway, I wanted to let you know.

Big subject change: How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Today it is absolutely beautiful here. Upper 60s, sunny, with trees and flowers coming out to play. I love having a flexible job–I had a few minutes this morning to get out and walk the dog in our neighborhood.
Please take a few minutes this week and enjoy the outdoors wherever you are!


Your week has started off well, I hope. I want to give you a heads up that this post may be, at first glance, not very upbeat, but my intention is that it inspires and uplifts. That being said…

I found out yesterday afternoon that a friend from a nearby town passed away. She was a wonderful woman–a family member of a former hospice patient of mine. Long after my job-related interaction with the family had ended, she and I chose to continue meeting for lunch. We shared many precious hours that way.

Her life ended suddenly in a tragic car accident outside of her city. The church sanctuary barely held the hundreds of people for her funeral service today–practically standing room only. In the midst of the tragedy and tears, it was comforting to remember the kind of person she was, and is now– in heaven.

Her legacy is the kind of woman I aspire to be every day: kind, strong, warm, loving, Christ-centered, and real…she was honest about her struggles. The multitude present today represented only a part of the scores of people she touched through consistent, meaningful living and loving.

My mind and heart can’t escape this question: So what will my legacy be? And what about yours? Heaven forbid, if we left tomorrow, what would others remember about you and me? And through Christ’s strength, am I living that way now? Sure, we all fail and have days we want to do over. And again, I’m not trying to be morbid or depressing.

Those who have attended even a handful of funerals have heard this before, and no doubt we’ll hear it again. It’s worthwhile to me, though, to ponder all of this and renew my daily commitment to living on purpose. How about you?