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A Kinder, Gentler Darth Vader

Isn’t that how you would describe the famous dark one with a black Dust Buster for a mouth? No? I just figured that’s why he won the poll for What Star Wars Should’ve Been Named: “Vader ‘N Me.” You like him. He’s the life of the party.

Even if that’s not how you would describe Sir Raspsalot, you must agree that he stirred up strong reactions in the other Star Wars characters. …Everything from fear to dread to anger.

Hmm…anger. None of us has a problem with that, do we? Nah. Just fer grins, though, let me tell you about last Wednesday night. We were having a discussion with the teenagers at church; this week’s topic was anger. Why do we get angry? What do we do with it? The things we looked at and studied gave some interesting food for thought. We were challenged to think about the last thing we got angry about. More than likely it was something petty, something that was inconvenient only to us–getting cut off in traffic, bad service at a restaurant, a disagreement, etc. Hardly productive.

But is it possible that anger can be useful? Good question. (“Thanks,” I say to myself. Yes, I have problems…just don’t tell that to the other voices in my head.) Okay, back to the question. =) Can anger be good? Well, we can ask Jesus while He’s in the temple courts in Jerusalem right now. –But wait, He seems to be a little busy. Whoa! Watch out for the flying tables and projectile pots. Yep, I’d say He Himself is angry at the moment. Profiteers have set up shop in His dad’s house of worship, taking advantage of His people. (Mark 11:15-17) He won’t settle for that.

Here’s a possibility for your consideration: Maybe anger, when we get angry at the right things, can be fuel for goodness and change. What crosses your mind (and heart) when you see an injustice? When someone is taken advantage of? When corruption poisons the world around you? You see where I’m going with this. Of course, our reaction to those things can be anger channeled for good…to begin to right the wrongs and promote God’s love and justice. Perhaps it could motivate us to pray more fervently, to climb into the world of a hurting person, to speak up and fight for truth.

So, what makes you really angry? Maybe at times it won’t be the way a friend snaps at you or the ref’s bad call on the field. Fair warning, though: those who ask God for change in a particular area know that He often allows us to be tested in that area so we can grow. I know…I’ve been tested a lot since last Wednesday night. Grrrrr. (Just kidding…kind of.)

"Costumes" o' the 80s

I know you’ve been waiting anxiously for the next installment of “‘Costumes’ O’ the Decades.”

Oh, you mean you haven’t been holding your breath? Well, I’ll refresh your memory: back around Halloween, I was inspired by a funny e-mail circulating online to post some pictures of some of my happenin’ getups from the 1970s. They were good enough that they could now be used as costumes, thus the “Costumes” –well, you get the picture.

So on to the 80s, totally my favorite decade.

“With my poofy sleeves and bubble skirt, I feel oh-so Debbie Gibson-esque!”

Girls, do any of you remember “Units” clothes? If not, the best way I can describe it is….well, modular clothing. They were the cat’s galoshes in their hey day. So feminine and flattering with the angular lines, which come in handy if you’re auditioning for Devo. My friend Laura here borrowed this outfit from me and actually made it look better than I could. Take care to note also the peg leg cuff at the bottom of the pants leg, popular also with fashionable gents of the day.

And here we have a vast array of the awesome bangs of the decade. Aqua Net hairspray must’ve been giddy over their stock prices back then. But please note that I can’t make fun of my friends who are in this picture, because at the time I could only aspire to their coiffured greatness, fer sure.

And for the finale, a nice hair and fashion combination. The Laura Ashley-ish florals with flouncy rows of ruffles, the buttoned collar…ah, the epitome of style. My sister was my hair idol, with the big, broad bangs and overall Bon Jovi hairstyle tribute (your words, Sister). At the time I was growing out a baaaad haircut (no storytelling by you, Sister!), so I could only stand next to her and hope that some of her hair glory would make its way to me.

That’s it for this episode. In the future I’ll tackle the 90s, although that’ll hit a little closer to home since it’s relatively so recent! Until then, let’s not take ourselves too seriously and smile, knowing that what we’re wearing today could someday end up in a blog post like this. =)

3,650 Days

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, David! Ten years ago today (hard to believe…time has passed so quickly!), I was a happy, excited bride. What an amazing day shared with lots of family and friends.
Of course, I’ll be saying all of these things to you in person, David, but I also want everyone to know how much I love, appreciate, admire, and respect you. You are truly an amazing man who loves God and loves me beyond what I could’ve imagined. I only hope to be the best wife and friend that I can be for you.
(Thanks, readers, for indulging me today!)


Do you like great photography, fiction, creative paper artistry, and/or clowns who can whip out spot-on impersonations of Nixon?

I’m feeling link-ish today, so if you like any of the above then I have some sites for you.

Here is a link for a great photo-a-day blog by David Bryant. Reflections of Creation
More keen things to see by photographer Kara Bryant… Kara Bryant Photo

Fiction and other writing
True treats for those who appreciate a good read, by author Travis W. Inman– Travis W. Inman’s blog (The Blundering Discoverer)
…and his web site: Travis W. Inman’s web site

Paper crafting
When you visit designer Christi Snow’s blog, you can’t help but be inspired… Altered Ambitions

Confession: you won’t find the Nixon clown thing in these links. …I’m still working that up myself.


Which is your favorite month of the year? Of course, January is everyone’s best-loved month, right?

Okay, probably not.

Ten or 15 years ago January was last on my list. Back then I didn’t like cold weather, and January just seemed like a bleak, blustery, colorless month that had to be endured. I wondered if a person could get in on the bears’ hibernation deal.

What changed? Maybe it was when I got married in a January wedding. Suddenly there was a permanent bright spot on the calendar that time every year. Also around that time I launched into my transition from a hot-weather loving/cold-weather shunning girl into quite the opposite.

Whatever the reason, I now really like the first month o’ the year. While not my absolute favorite, it does have its charms. Yes, after Christmas and New Year’s, life resumes with the hustle and bustle of daily routines. …But overall, there seems to be a quiet simplicity that hushes the land. A brisk stillness that can be seen in bare tree branches and blankets of snow. It’s as if nature has paused for a moment.

It’s a welcome chance for me to pause as well, reminiscing with a smile about the holidays, being grateful for countless blessings, and feeling hopeful about the time ahead. Maybe that’s also why I’m drinking hot chocolate more often–it’s a chance to warm up and take a moment to stop and just think…often a rarity in our busy days.

(At least that’s the reason I tell myself as I take another sip.) =)