A Kinder, Gentler Darth Vader

Isn’t that how you would describe the famous dark one with a black Dust Buster for a mouth? No? I just figured that’s why he won the poll for What Star Wars Should’ve Been Named: “Vader ‘N Me.” You like him. He’s the life of the party.

Even if that’s not how you would describe Sir Raspsalot, you must agree that he stirred up strong reactions in the other Star Wars characters. …Everything from fear to dread to anger.

Hmm…anger. None of us has a problem with that, do we? Nah. Just fer grins, though, let me tell you about last Wednesday night. We were having a discussion with the teenagers at church; this week’s topic was anger. Why do we get angry? What do we do with it? The things we looked at and studied gave some interesting food for thought. We were challenged to think about the last thing we got angry about. More than likely it was something petty, something that was inconvenient only to us–getting cut off in traffic, bad service at a restaurant, a disagreement, etc. Hardly productive.

But is it possible that anger can be useful? Good question. (“Thanks,” I say to myself. Yes, I have problems…just don’t tell that to the other voices in my head.) Okay, back to the question. =) Can anger be good? Well, we can ask Jesus while He’s in the temple courts in Jerusalem right now. –But wait, He seems to be a little busy. Whoa! Watch out for the flying tables and projectile pots. Yep, I’d say He Himself is angry at the moment. Profiteers have set up shop in His dad’s house of worship, taking advantage of His people. (Mark 11:15-17) He won’t settle for that.

Here’s a possibility for your consideration: Maybe anger, when we get angry at the right things, can be fuel for goodness and change. What crosses your mind (and heart) when you see an injustice? When someone is taken advantage of? When corruption poisons the world around you? You see where I’m going with this. Of course, our reaction to those things can be anger channeled for good…to begin to right the wrongs and promote God’s love and justice. Perhaps it could motivate us to pray more fervently, to climb into the world of a hurting person, to speak up and fight for truth.

So, what makes you really angry? Maybe at times it won’t be the way a friend snaps at you or the ref’s bad call on the field. Fair warning, though: those who ask God for change in a particular area know that He often allows us to be tested in that area so we can grow. I know…I’ve been tested a lot since last Wednesday night. Grrrrr. (Just kidding…kind of.)