Do you like great photography, fiction, creative paper artistry, and/or clowns who can whip out spot-on impersonations of Nixon?

I’m feeling link-ish today, so if you like any of the above then I have some sites for you.

Here is a link for a great photo-a-day blog by David Bryant. Reflections of Creation
More keen things to see by photographer Kara Bryant… Kara Bryant Photo

Fiction and other writing
True treats for those who appreciate a good read, by author Travis W. Inman– Travis W. Inman’s blog (The Blundering Discoverer)
…and his web site: Travis W. Inman’s web site

Paper crafting
When you visit designer Christi Snow’s blog, you can’t help but be inspired… Altered Ambitions

Confession: you won’t find the Nixon clown thing in these links. …I’m still working that up myself.