Apparently I’ve now joined the 21st century. At times I’ve read the first posts on others’ blogs, and many of them say something along the lines of what I’m about to say: I never thought I’d set up a blog. I feel kind of sheepish asking others to humor me by visiting it.

Nonetheless, here it is…we’ll see what this evolves into. I’ll post on a variety of things that catch my attention. If they catch your attention, too, I really hope you’ll comment. (Then maybe I won’t feel quite as sheepish!) And between you and me, I’m also using this to challenge myself to dust off my writing habit (poetry, etc.). At times some of those writings may appear here as well. For now, thanks for visiting, and I hope you check back soon!

P.S.: I hope you take a second to weigh in on my (ahem) purely scientific poll on the left.