"Costumes" o' the 70s

Well, I guess it’s that dress up day again. Most of us will see lots of little ones today, all dressed up and ready for goodies. While I’m the first to admit that I’m not Halloween’s biggest fan, I do have fond memories of costumes and the candy that came our way.

Another type of “costume” came through my e-mail this week. Originally it was from someone who came across a big ol’ 1977 JC Penney’s catalog, complete with the dapper, fashion-forward getups of the day. The pictures almost defied description. My sister and I were laughing through e-mail (that’s possible, isn’t it?) about what we used to wear back then, too. I think we can all use a chuckle, so I’m willing humble myself (sigh). In honor of “dressing up” this week, here’s a fashion parade from the 70s. Ah, childish, blissful ignorance…

Although grinning, little did I know that I had just been chosen as the spokesperson for Grey Poupon-colored eskimos everywhere.

My sister’s plaid coat with its jaunty collar, topped with the ample cap, speak of a quiet elegance.

Remember how thick those polyester shirts were? At night this one stood up on its own in the corner of the bedroom.

And remember wearing fairy outfits to school everyday? …What–that was just me? Okay, you got me. This was a favorite dress-up outfit,

complete with floppy fairy wings in the back. This one shows my shock that I was actually allowed in the picture by the cool big girls, what with the gauchos, Shaun Cassidy album, Laura Ingalls outfit, and all. Ask me another time about why I have a boy’s haircut. (sniff)

I saved the best for last…David and his twin brother, Daniel. What confidence. What haberdashery. I’m sure they were quite the pair with the ladies of their kindergarten class.

When seeing this do any outfits of yours from this decade come marching out of the fashion tombs you’ve locked them in? Do tell. If y’all like this, we may just have to do an 80s flashback sometime.