Haiku du jour

Mornez mahaha.
–What? You’ve never heard “good morning” in Bridigian, the language of western Ireland? =) Oh, okay, I’ll admit that I’m not that smart– a previous job is where I learned that oh-so-useful phrase.

I hope that you are enjoying a good weekend. This upcoming week will be a liiiitle different here in Blogopolis. I’ve been challenged to post a haiku a day for the next week. The gauntlet has been thrown down. So…(sound of echoing bugle call) let the First Annual November Haiku-a-Thon begin! And if anyone cares to join in, we can even have a Haiku Off. (cue “West Side Story” music with snapping)

80s trivia
Makes me feel quite trivial

Newhart’s “dream bathroom”?