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Haiku-a-Thon, Day Two

Here we go with the second day of the one-week Haiku-a-Thon. Since this is a special occasion, today’s offerings come in honor of our nation’s veterans and their families.

A grateful nation
offers feeble thanks for that

which remains priceless

Carefree children laugh
Melodious tributes to

higher sacrifice

Haiku du jour

Mornez mahaha.
–What? You’ve never heard “good morning” in Bridigian, the language of western Ireland? =) Oh, okay, I’ll admit that I’m not that smart– a previous job is where I learned that oh-so-useful phrase.

I hope that you are enjoying a good weekend. This upcoming week will be a liiiitle different here in Blogopolis. I’ve been challenged to post a haiku a day for the next week. The gauntlet has been thrown down. So…(sound of echoing bugle call) let the First Annual November Haiku-a-Thon begin! And if anyone cares to join in, we can even have a Haiku Off. (cue “West Side Story” music with snapping)

80s trivia
Makes me feel quite trivial

Newhart’s “dream bathroom”?

Sweet Justice

Just a quick note to let you know the results of the fall sports poll– hockey wins! And, no, I didn’t vote more than once despite popular opinion to the contrary (I simply pay off people well). If it makes you feel any better, football fans, football did make a courageous rush for the end zone, only to be met at the five yard line by fight-hungry hockey players. Well, at least most football players have all of their teeth.

This is an autographed picture of my favorite hockey player, former Dallas Stars goalie Ed (“The Eagle”) Belfour. He was a feisty one and helped the Stars win the Stanley Cup in 1999. Ah, those were the days.
Anyone else have some favorite sports memories?