Fun with alliteration

Here’s a playful little verse I jotted down this morning. It let me toy with alliteration– repeating consonant sounds:

Prickly pear parade proudly,
protruding pretentiously past

pouting pardners plucking painful pokers.

…And a now a touch of spontaneous poetry so I could get the alliteration bug out of my system, for today at least. =) There’s a bit of assonance, too…repeating vowel sounds.

The wind whips and slips, slicing
stillness like an invisible
racing and tumbling–

rumbling rapids of air
against unseen banks

pressing on to finally empty
a distant sea of sky.

For a funny example of alliteration and assonance, here’s a link to “Moses Supposes” from Singin’ in the Rain, one of the best movie musicals ever. Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor are reluctantly making a visit to a diction coach. Moses Supposes