Just a jot

Some of you know that David and I just got back from a cruise to Alaska. Actually, it’s hard to believe that as of tomorrow (Friday), it’ll be two weeks since we left.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the experience. We saw and did so many incredible things! Rest assured that in the coming weeks you’ll be thoroughly sick of hearing about the trip. You can see David’s great photography on his blog here, if you didn’t know about it already.

For now, I’d like to show off my handsome husband. We had one optional “formal night” during our cruise. I wanted to live in jeans the rest of the trip, but for this one night, he knew I really wanted to dress up. He was a great sport. This was taken tableside at Versailles, one of the on board restaurants. It was beautiful–it reminded me a little of the ballroom in “Beauty and the Beast.” Without the talking dishes, of course.