Poem-Off: And the winner is…

We have a winner of the first Poem-Off. And that winner is… (trumpet music) David Bryant! Of course, he wrote the epic poem about the bear. Great job! For your efforts, David, you get this picture of a crown (the British monarchy is borrowing it from you for a while) and a batch of brownies.

I will say that he put a lot of effort in this. The story cracks me up, and I’m glad he wrote it. So, if you ever have drunk bear problems, you know now to call on Hasselhoff. Hmmm…maybe he should be the emcee of our next challenge…

Do you want to know who wrote each one? Here’s the list:
Poem 1: Travis W. Inman
Poem 2: Alison
Poem 3: Travis W. Inman
Poem 4: Alison
Poem 5: David Bryant

And I would like to again say thanks to Travis for throwing the gauntlet. I think he knew exactly what he was doing and knew we’d all have fun with it. I really enjoyed his poems, too.

Thanks to you who voted…hope you had a good time.