The latest assignment for the writers’ group was to write about the theme “labor”. The theme was decided right before Labor Day, after all. Here’s my offering. I might edit it sometime in the future because this was a scrambling-out-the-door, seven-minute effort. I’ve realized that I need to pace my writers’ group assignments, not always putting them on the back burner for other projects.

The theme for next time is forgiveness. Hmm…

The workshop was inky dark, empty when the craftsman set to work, feet planted firmly.
Twinkle in his eye, command barely whispered…light.
Brilliance dazzled the loneliest corners of the space.

A finger lifted, oceans and sky repelled each other, taking their assigned place.
The craftsman stood, considering for but a moment.
Then expanses of land chased the oceans in retreat.
He brushed the lushness of trees and fields with his fingertips.

Day by day, new masterpieces sprung to life…
Blazing sun, watchful moon, penlight stars
Myriad creatures sounding praise

The craftsman finally stepped back and smiled, full of pleasure from his final
Masterpiece— called
Man and Woman

Then for a moment he folded his hands, resting
–yet needing no rest—
from his labor.