You might be a writer if…

…you’re in the middle of a dream at night at you think, “Oooh, I should write about this!” I heard this recently from someone else, and last night I did that myself.

I woke up inspired and smiling. What a great story this’ll be! Then my eyes narrowed as I thought through the dream Mr. Sandman had delivered. Hmm. Maybe it wouldn’t be quite as interesting as I thought. Perhaps people won’t find it fascinating that a group stranded at a gothic, scenic overlook of a dry ocean in El Paso was about to be annihilated by a massive surge of icebergs. Funny how things seem different in the light of day.

But I can’t help but hope that tonight I’ll get new material. Perhaps I should seal the deal by having pumpkin pancakes for supper. They always give me odd dreams. Has anyone else found food that always gives them strange dreams?

Speaking of supper, soon I’ll post some thoughts based on the most recent poll. Grab your fork and knife.