Who's in charge here?

Do you ever feel like today’s technology is secretly in charge–rather than vice versa?

I had one of those suspicions recently.

While on a short trip, I had just washed my hands in a convenience store bathroom. Turning to get a paper towel, I saw that it was one of those fancy machines…you know, the ones where you gracefully pass your hand in front of the sensor, and the dispenser complies by providing a towel.

At least, that’s the idea.

But this one had a low battery, or an attitude, or both. It emitted a groan of pain when I tried the normal routine. No dice. Paper Towels

I sighed and tried again, waving a little harder. It reluctantly gave up an inch of paper.

No paper towel machine was going to beat me. I gritted my teeth and ramped it up again, eventually waving so furiously that 1) my hands were dry already just from the movement, and 2) I looked like a little girl waving at Santa passing by in a Christmas parade, minus the smiles.

Oh, but I got my paper towel, make no mistake.

As I left, though, I had a distinct feeling that the machine was silently snickering at me.  Hmm…