Good Morning, Part Deux, Plus a Contest

My good friend Kerri and I chat while we sit in our local coffee house’s side courtyard. It’s a delicious, chilly overcast morning, and the conversation flows as easily as the river water that slips over nearby Tansill Dam. We pause and admire the aged mulberry tree that watches over we temporary residents. Nothing new about the admiration. This thick-trunked tree garners many fans who visit the coffee house, and my membership in that club spans years. Kerri leans back and glances up at the sheltering finger-like branches. She comments before sipping her chai, “You should write something from the perspective of that tree.”

Hmmm. Good idea, friend. And we haven’t had a Haiku-athon (or Haikuapalooza or a Haiku-Off, for Zoolander fans) in awhile, so I think we’re due.  I’ll post mine, and see what you come up with. Please post your 5-7-5 in the comments.  The winner, chosen by a secretive judging process known only to me (ahem), will be announced next Monday. The prize? Bragging rights and my eternal respect.

First, a picture of the trunk.

Photo credit: Focus on Carlsbad magazine,

Photo courtesy of Focus on Carlsbad magazine /

Here’s mine:

I’ve waited decades

Coffee just out of my reach

Can I have a sip?

Your turn!

Want to know more about this tree? Here you go: Blue House tree article (Thank you, Kyle Marksteiner!)