Pickles and Gravy

I’ve always wanted to name a cat “Pickles.” Don’t ask me why.

Well, okay, here’s why: It’s such a funny word and would be a funny name, don’t you think? It would be a tongue-twister to say quickly, though. “Heeeeere, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles…” Anyway, speaking of funny names…then came the day that I had a cat named “Gravy.” He had long, cream-colored fur, just the color of chicken-fried steak gravy. Very appropriate name, and I was reasonably sure that no one would copy me when naming their cat.

…And as I was petting Gravy, the weirdest thing happened that I’ve kept a secret until now: I was an undercover p.i. with all of Magnum’s buddies, scuba diving to find clues and solving all kinds of crimes. But it came to a sudden end when the tour we were taking halted abruptly in front of Sanford & Son’s house.

Then (you guessed it) I woke up. What? You mean that didn’t sound believable?

All of the above are parts of several weird dreams I’ve had. All, except for the fact that I want to name a cat “Pickles.” And I will someday, mark my words. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy my odd trips to Dreamland. …But surely some of you would also like to share your weird/funny dreams, right?

I can almost guarantee that tomorrow I’ll have another funny dream to share from tonight.