Miscellaneous, etc.

Poll update: Capt. Crunch was grateful to tears for being elected the “Next Great Lunch Box.” Be proud, all of you who exercised your freedom to vote. However, Capt. Stubing more than hinted to me that he’s miffed at being slighted in this poll.
And to those who took on the trivia challenge, you sure know your train robbers. Big Mouth Billy Bass was…not it. I’d better admit it was Sam before he comes back and sets me straight. Neither was it hockey player Cody, nor would-be astronaut/N’Sync alum Lance. (I’m so sad that I know that.)

Random topic: “The Bourne Ultimatum” was a good movie. David and I saw it at our drive-in last weekend (which has the best popcorn, by the way), and we both liked it. I hadn’t seen the previous two. Despite warnings from an anonymous friend (initials K.C.) not to do this, I just read the plot summaries of those first two online and was able to keep up with this third movie. What movies have you all seen (or want to see) lately, either in the theater, DVD, or TV?

Did anyone catch the lunar eclipse this week? I didn’t, but Del Tackett from The Truth Project has an interesting blog entry about it – and great picture – here.

One last item: “dd pk” from a couple of the comments – show your identity! I have my ideas, and you obviously know me… Speak up and let me see if my guess is correct. =)