The Mob

Every morning I take a deep breath and prepare to be mobbed by a throng of admirers. These enthusiastic followers await my appearance and greet me loudly, crowding me as soon as I come into view. I can’t escape the adoring attention.

Now, before you envy my celebrity status, I’ll share a little more about my fan club. I even know their names: Dan, Ann, Daisy, Abby, Smokey, and little G. Gordon Kitty. Yep, in addition to our three animals, we’re temporarily taking care of three more fuzzy ones. No matter how much time David and I spend with them they would love more attention. And we’re not complaining much–they’re pretty cute.

I got to wondering once as they hounded me (I can hear the groans)…in some tiny way was this what Jesus felt like each time the crowds pressed in on Him? Almost everywhere He went, “large crowds followed him.” (Matt. 8:1) He ministered to them and loved them, no matter how tired or busy He was.

And as I stood pondering that thought (and excited puppy legs pummeled and almost felled me), I felt kinda smart for contemplating such a deep, spiritual analogy. But no sooner had that snarky thought snaked its way across my mind did this one hit me like a cat paw landing a strike on a dog’s nose: How often do I seek Jesus in that persistent way? How eager and anxious am I to pursue Him each morning and throughout the day? Is it sometimes more of a ritual? I sadly imagined these pups nonchalantly giving me nod, then taking a pencil in their paws and checking me off of their to-do list for the day, right after “roll in the dirt” and “chew on something.” That wouldn’t seem very genuine. (Okay, please tell me that I’m not the only one with a weird imagination–I know some of you!)

Hmmm… I’ll have to think about this, especially when I feel little puppy mouths nipping at my heels.