Falling for Fall

Ahhhh, this is a great time of year.

Some people plan months in advance for Christmas decorating; I practically salivate over fall. Come September as other people are squeezing out the last remnants of summer at Labor Day cookouts, I’m giddily pulling down my plastic bin stuffed with autumn leaf garlands and pumpkin-laden decorations. I’m oblivious to the fact that it’s still 95 degrees outside. In our house, it’s already autumn. I love the vibrant colored leaves, the chilly evenings, the sunlight that is a little softer, and the energy and excitement that the season brings.

It wasn’t always this way with me. In fact, until about the last ten years or so I reveled in summer’s heat and dreaded “sweater weather.” Do you see changes in your life–big or small–and wonder when the tide turned? In this case, I have no idea what changed me. …Perhaps it was a mission trip years ago to crisp, fragrant, appropriately-named Pine, Arizona. Perhaps it was marrying a man who adores fall. Perhaps it was discovering the joys of flavored cappuccinos. Or maybe it was realizing that 105-degree summer days really aren’t fun. Oh, well–it doesn’t matter if I figure it out. I’ll just concentrate on enjoying these wonderful, fleeting days of fall.

So…what is your favorite season?