Steppin' Out

It’s time.

In the paper I just found out that the local university branch is hosting a free creative writing workshop this afternoon. People are supposed to bring a poem or short story to share. The group will give feedback.

I’m excited and slightly nervous. Excited because this is a passion of mine and opportunities like this are rare in our small city. Slightly nervous because there’s always a risk when you share what you’ve created. …But this is good for me. It’s time to take advantage of chances to exit the comfort zone again. I’ll pull out my thick skin from the closet and will hopefully get some useful critiquing while there (and hear others’ good material). No doubt it will be a small, casual group. …Okay, I’m getting more excited now!

Hmmm….what material to take?

If you’re interested, I’ll update you later on what it was like.