Oct 23

The trail led us up rocky switchbacks and through mountainside meadows. The morning breeze brought a welcome chill. Petite wildflowers, yellow and sometimes purple, decorated the way.

It was hard to tell that wildfire had violated this high desert oasis just over a year ago. Hard, except for a handful of trail-side scenes we stumbled upon. One rested ten feet from the trail, tucked behind a gnarled mesquite tree on top of the hill.

It hid itself in the tall grass. Easy to miss. A circle of wildflowers hugged the patch occupied by a lump of charred wood –  a small victim among the thousands of acres the fires ravaged. It lay there black and dead and quiet. The flowers held vigil with dainty, stubborn dignity. Life was their testimony; beauty rebuked the haphazard destruction. Wordless tribute sprung from the nourishment the wood sacrificed, defying the past to all who cared to pass by and take note.

Let’s talk: When, lately, have you noticed a small miracle? Was it easy to spot or easy to miss?

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  1. Jan Says:

    It’s so easy to overlook those small miracles that God does for us each day because we have our eyes fixed on the problems in our lives.

    My husband and I discovered this and decided to purchase a little notebook to record the small miracles that God sends our way. We call it our Blessing Book. Just looking back over all the wonderful ways God has blessed us is a real faith-lifter.

    Thank you for reminding us to keep our eyes open to spiritual matters.

    Happy Blogging,
    Fellowship of Christian Bloggers

  2. Alison Says:

    A blessing book…what a great idea, Jan! It’s so important to remember. This week I heard Beth Moore talk about this subject too. Isn’t it cool when God sends us the same message in multiple ways?
    Happy Easter!

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