Spring = Kolaches, of course

There’s a lot to love about spring. Greening grass, budding trees, sweetly-scented flowers. No matter where you live, it’s enough to invite the mind to wander deliciously and dream of beautiful days.

ShootstarI grew up in Texas and live now in New Mexico, so I’ve had a variety of things to appreciate about spring in these two states.

…Never mind that with spring in New Mexico, temperatures often flirt with the 90-degree range in February or that March through May is referred to affectionately as “the windy season.” (Here’s a secret: “windy” could mean a 25-mile-an-hour “breeze” to a 60-mile-an-hour “stiff breeze.” Forget your hairdo that day.)

…Or that in Texas, the tornado siren doubles as the neighborhood’s call to prayer.

Nope, never mind all of that. There are plenty of things to love about spring. Here’s a short list of mine:

1. Birds singing outside all day long, which makes me think of…

2. Goosebump-free coffee-sipping outside in my favorite coffee house’s garden, which makes me think of…

3. Planting a few vegetables and flowers, which makes me think of…

4. Texas bluebonnets, which makes me think of…



5. Central Texas and its green, rolling prairies and hills, which makes me think of…

6. Kolaches from West, Texas. (Not West Texas, mind you. West, Texas, which is in Central Texas, naturally.)

Yep, like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, much of my life circles ’round to kolaches – the slightly sweet, pillowy yeast roll-and-fruit pastry. Don’t ask me why. But if you try them, you’ll know.

Now, please tell me that your mind meanders like a winding stream too. I can’t be the only one.

Happy Kolache…I mean, Spring!

Let’s talk: What do you like about spring in your area?