Monthly Archives: November 2007

Reese's Snickerbutter Cups

The poll about the best candy ended in heated debate (well, as heated as you can get in a simple blog poll). It came down to Reese’s and Snickers, with Reese’s winning by a cup–er, nose. Insider info tells me, though, that a certain person voted more than once for their favorite. I guess they may have been worried that my favorite, Almond Joy, would win out. Probably not. Ahhh, in today’s world isn’t it nice sometimes to take a break and talk about pointless things?

…Which leads me to a big change of subject. David and I have a friend named Joe who is a missionary many thousands of miles away. This morning David mentioned to me that Joe now has a U.S. phone number that calls his phone in his apartment. Amazing! We could be connected to our friend fairly instantly, the gap closed without international operators, etc. I have almost no reason not to keep in touch.
But I’ve never had a reason not to pray for Joe and the people God touches through him. Isn’t it so easy to forget to pray for our brothers and sisters across the world? And so many live in danger daily just for taking the name of Christ.
It’s encouraging to me to hear of their faith and bravery. And we can be an encouragement to them–even if their faces and names won’t be known to us until heaven. Each time we intercede for them in prayer, we instantly join God as He wraps His strengthening arms of love and comfort around each precious one.

(By the way, you can go to Joe’s web site here.)