Monthly Archives: April 2009

On the road again

These days it’s easy to get bogged down in current events.  Our nation, our world has had um, interesting things happening lately.  road-trip

So, let’s take an imaginary break.  Let’s all run away to…well, you tell me!  Think about where you would like to go in the next few months if you could.  Here are a few guidelines, just fer grins: up to nine continuous days total, road trip within North America, budget isn’t a consideration. Where would you go?  What would you see and do?  What vehicle?

We’ll see what you have in mind, then I’ll tell you my itinerary.  Pack your bags!

Nothing Wasted

running1Do you ever wonder if what you do for God really makes a difference? Sometimes He lets us see the results of what He asks us to do.  So often, though, we don’t get to see this side of heaven how it turns out. It can be tempting to think that what we do doesn’t matter in the long run.

Could you use some encouragement to go the distance? Try this on for size. Check out my husband David’s blog here if you haven’t already.  It deals with a specific topic, but it struck me that this could be applied to all of our heartfelt service to Him.