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The last post was a whole lotta me. Now I’d like to hear about you. I’m in a funky mood, so plunk your “go with the flow” hat on your head.

calendarIt’s a new week. For many it’ll be an ordinary week as far was we can tell, barring you lucky ducks who get a Presidents’ Day break. For most of the rest of us it’ll be business as usual. It’s easy to slip into auto pilot sometimes, isn’t it? The weeks fly by, and then we wonder what stole away the year.

So…let’s sit and pause for a moment. What could set this week apart for you? What is one thing you’re hoping for during the next few days? When you look back on this week, do you think anything stand out?  It can be serious or funny. Do tell.


Mr. Blundering Discoverer (Travis W Inman) has tagged me with the Honest Scrap Award.  Thanks, Will! So, I’d say it’s finally time for a new post.  Thanks to all of you who hang in there with me on this blog.  Here’s the deal…

The Honest Scrap award:

A) First list 10 honest things about yourself – and make it honest (hence, the award ‘Honest Scrap’), even if you have to dig deep!

B) Pass the award on to 8 bloggers that you feel embody the role of the Honest Scrap. (This is an award only to display on your blog that everything you write on it is in truth, sincerity, and integrity.)

So I can honestly say that:

ring1.  I love surprises. I just spent time with a couple of close friends, and we got to talking about how David proposed to me. Since we knew a year and half before then that we wanted to get married, I’m sure it was a challenge to surprise me with the actual proposal.  He did an amazing job.  I love telling the story.

2. A certain, random something feels to me like fingernails on a chalkboard. I don’t reveal this to many people in case they ever want to use it against me.  Most of you I know just through cyberspace, so maybe I’m safe!  =)  My Achilles’ heel is this: I can’t stand to hear or watch someone rub their hands across fabric, like jeans or bedsheets or furniture. I know, I know…odd.  What’s your quirky thing?

3. I love being an aunt. Speaking of that, I have to wish my nephew, Jacob, a very happy 14th birthday!  I can’t believe he’s this old.  His Uncle Dave and I are so proud of who he is and wish we could see him and his sister more often.  I’m also the worst aunt; I still have his Christmas and birthday presents sitting here at home!  (Sorry, Jacob!)

4.  This is hard for me. While I strive for honesty and sincerity with everyone, I’m comfortable revealing my innermost thoughts and feelings with very few people.  Usually I’d much rather talk about you. =)sydney

5.  Speaking of secrets, I’d love to be the next Sydney Bristow (“Alias”). I relish the thought of working as a super spy with wicked kickboxing moves!  Hmm…maybe I could use that in my current anti-drug coalition job…the Drug Vigilante of Southeast New Mexico…What should my spy name be?

6.  Sometimes I psych myself out, letting myself be intimidated by others’ writing ability. I’m coming to terms with this, recognizing that God gave me (and all writers) a unique writing voice that is a gift from Him. Now it’s my job to hone that and write solely for His glory.  I love catching glimpses of Him and His creativity by reading other writers; I’m challenged and inspired. I love the adventure of it all.

7.  Often I’m a smart-alecky prankster at heart. I usually mean no harm, but so often I have to bite my lip to keep from hurling snarky, funny comments at inappropriate times. People who think I’m only “quiet and sweet” might be surprised about this.  I’m not proud about it.  (Though I might be funnier than some people realize.)  Rosslyn, this is where knowing you did a study on this convicted me!

College was a goldmine time to unleash the prankster part of me.

8.  I’m both a homebody and a travel-loving woman. When I’m in town home is where I want to park it, but after a couple of weeks, that travel itch creeps back. My curiosity is almost insatiable.  I could spend hours pouring over maps.

9. I didn’t grow up wishing to be a minister’s wife. In fact, I wasn’t sure what to think when I realized that David I would get married, and that he was called to be a minister.  I was ecstatic looking forward to having David as my husband, but I wasn’t so sure about the church staff lifestyle part of it. Since then, though, I’ve come to love it. No, it’s not always easy, but it’s such a privilege to encourage my husband in ministry (I’m so proud of him) and to have a unique ministry role myself.  I’ve grown comfortable in my own skin with God’s and David’s help.  And people are so funny…this life is a never-ending bonanza of story inspiration.

10.  I didn’t always like the unusual spelling of my name. …especially when I was younger.  I longed to find one those little personalized souvenirs with my name spelled right.  Now I like it. I like that it’s different, and it makes me notice unique things about other people.

So, now it’s time to tag others.  Instead of eight, I’ll keep in in the family and tag David (Reflections of Creation) and Christi (Altered Ambitions).