Making Seuss Proud

Here’s a first in the long history of this blog: we had a tie in the funniest word poll. Apparently you voters were steadfastly divided between the words “razzlefrazzle” and “foofaraw.” (sigh) Ah, Dr. Seuss would be proud of your taste.

Tonight I was talking with a good (and very funny) friend named Libby. Something that happened to her recently reminded me of a “no recovery” embarrassing moment I had long ago at Jack & Jill Donuts in Abilene. –What? I’ve never told you about that? Well…it was late one week night… Oops, gotta go. Maybe next time.

In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance yet take your shot at naming the next Indiana Jones movie in the new poll. Spielberg is anxiously awaiting the verdict.