And the race is on…

I’ve heard some strong opinions from some of you about the current poll. You take your superheroes seriously! Glad to hear it. =) One comment offered was that The Tick, the revered hero of all things blue, was woefully excluded from the choices. This was an oversight–The Tick is near and dear to my heart–but perhaps it’s for the best. He would’ve whooped the competition unfairly, methinks.

Let’s shift gears and start the week with a game, shall we? No, not Texas Hold ‘Em, 42, or even the Bathroom Tile Game (that’s for another post). Have you ever played Balderdash? It’s a great board game that uses real words that almost no one has heard of. Players are given the word without knowing the real definition. Each player then makes up a definition. Then all of the “definitions” are read–with the real definition slipped in somewhere–and players vote to guess the real one. It’s almost always worth a chuckle or even a chortle. Other ways to play include guessing the plot to an obscure movie, based on the title only.

For example, if given the word “pettifogger,” I might say that it is “a specialized tool to rid petticoats of bowl weevils.” The real answer is that it is “a petty, unscrupulous lawyer; also, who quibbles over trivia.”

We’ll play the movie version soon, but let’s warm up with the words. Come on, take a chance and play a nerdy thinking game! Ready? Good. I’ll give a couple of words. If you play you can make up definitions for one or both; post them in the comments section. In a couple of days I’ll give the real meaning. Yeeessss, I realize you can look them up, but where’s your sense of fun?

Here we go: Word #1: farrago
Word #2: piebald