Stream (or river or creek) of Consciousness

Off and on all week I thought about what the next post should include. I tried to come up with something deep and chin-rubbing-worthy. As the week went on, though, it was just too entertaining watching the brouhaha in the comments of the last post. I sat back, crossed my arms, and grinned with bloggish glee. (whatever that is)

And here we are at the weekend. This morning I had the treat of a mocha, so most of the day I floated around in caffeine-induced giddiness. The day was actually quite productive. Perhaps I should make more visits to the coffee house (but perhaps not)…it was a great day, and I’m in no mood to be somber.

So instead, I’m going to channel that caffeinaline (Can that be a word? Let’s say it is for now.) and let my mind wander. Christi’s blog today addressed a succession of various topics. Very nice read. I’m not going to be so organized. You’re invited to join me now on a float down the stream of consciousness…you may have seen this before, too. In school when teaching us creative writing, this was a technique used for sparking thought in which you wrote down whatever came into your head, no organization or editing necessary. Enough jabbering; let’s go.

-(Crickets chirping; brain silent, awaiting thoughts to pass by.)
-It’s funny to mute the TV and imagine what else actors could be saying.
-Their slogan is, “ABC Family…A ‘New’ Kind of Family.” Why don’t they just be honest and say, “The morals of what we show now are anything but ‘family,’ but we’re too cheap to change the station’s name because we’d have to change all of our stationery.”
-There’s actually a car dealership named “Sexy Super Cars” (El Paso)
-It’s funny and uncomfortable at the came time to be writing this post when I’m so tired…there’s no telling what might come out.
-“Jabbering.” Sounds like “jabberwocky.” That sounds like “Jabba the Hut” and wookie.
-That lady co-host on the infomercial is the same one we saw a year or so ago when Esteban the guitar guy was on then, too. Wow. It’s so sad that I know and remember that. I need to get out more often.
-What to do around here, though? Hmmm, small city…there’s ring-twirling contests, Balderdash, and eating wasabi macadamia nuts. I can’t believe I didn’t just bite into that first one. Talk about (Three Stooges sound) woohoo! Oh, no…I just referenced one of my sworn enemies– in a very strange way at that.
-We were just talking about how giving our dog physical boundaries within the house calms her down and she’s more content. Isn’t it comforting knowing that God gives us boundaries, too, so that we can rest and enjoy life within them?
-Mmmm. Pumpkin pancakes sound good right now.

Aaaaand on that note, I’ll wrap up the river cruise. Thanks for joining me in that experiment. =) By the way, my hands are twitching to edit what I wrote above. (sigh) Guess that’s the fare you pay to take that ride. Okay. That’s really over now.

On a different note, for some great recommendations for chilly fall evenings see what David wrote here.

I’ve had a request for a picture of our dog, Daisy. Here’s one of my favorite photos of her, taken a few months ago by my sister-in-law, Kara–a very talented photographer. Daisy has grown quite a bit since this time.