Another year

It’s hard to believe that it’s time for another 9/11 anniversary. It feels like deja vu; I remember that I was out of town last year at this time, and I’m in the exact same place this year.

Of course I remember that day seven years ago even more vividly. That has me thinking… It seems like our society today has such a short memory. We’re desensitized to the crises of the day, often preferring milder “news” like celebrities’ fashion blunders. I fear sometimes that in the climate of political turmoil and daily spin of stories, some are slowly forgetting, or –worse yet– remembering a different version of it, not how horrific and unjust it truly was. Yet remembering reminds us what we have to cherish and thank God for, and that there are just causes.

So let’s imagine that we’re holding a time capsule for the next generation to discover 50, maybe 75 years from now. What would you want them to know about September 11, 2001? Or, what is it about this country that’s worth fighting to keep?