Thanks to Rosslyn Elliott over at Inkhorn Blue, I’ve been tagged (thanks, Rosslyn).  So here’s the deal: I’ll share seven random/weird things about myself.  I’ve been thinking about it off and on all day, and this is a challenge.  I’ve done this once or twice before.  I’m also no stranger to the game “Two Truths and a Lie.”  Some of you are starting to know me too well!  Hmmm…let’s see if I’m up to the task.  =)

1.  I love climbing things–usually I can’t resist.  When I get up really high, though, I’m like a scared kitten in a tree.  That still doesn’t stop me most of the time.

2.  I often read magazines from back to front.

3.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  (Christmas is a close second.)

4.  Texas Independence Day is another favorite day and should still be a holiday.  Don’t get me started.

5.  The Ginger Rogers in me would love to take more ballroom dancing classes.

6.  As a three-year-old I ran away from home.

7.  I didn’t see “Star Wars” all the way through until I was in college.

So there you go.  But…I’m adding my own twist.  One of these is only partially true.  Care to guess?

I could tag others, but I’d like to hear from those who don’t necessarily have a blog.  I dare you to add your seven things in the comments.  And if you do have a blog–and even if you’ve already posted your seven things–add some more here!