Josie’s Journal – A Prequel

While writing my current novel (read about it here), my main character is sharing something new with me. …I know, we writer-types sound a little loopy when we talk about our characters like they’re real people. But it happens.

Josie is starting to share with me some of her personal journal entries. These notes are from the time before the novel begins, and they won’t be included in the final story. The entry below gives a sliver of a glimpse into Josie’s teenage years.

July 2, 1937

Going to the Stamford Rodeo tomorrow with Lindy and her folks. Will see Mitchell ride his bronc. He’s so excited, and I’m proud for him. Trying not to think about the danger. Will he be nervous? Some are saying that there could be almost 70,000 people there. 70,000 – mercy! I’ve never seen that many people in one place. I’m hoping I can talk to him before he rides. But if not he knows I’m rooting for him. And I can give him our secret signal.

I can’t believe we’ve been sweet on each other for nearly two months now. We’ve been pals for so long. It’s still a little odd to think of him that way. Best not to dwell on that too much. Better get to bed. Gotta do my chores before I can leave for Stamford.