It’s a rare fifth Monday. I thought it would be fun to sift through the time capsule of old posts, polish one off, and present it again. This one hails from September 2008.

If you’ve been anywhere near civilization the last week or so (and if you’re reading this, I assume you are now) you’ve been bombarded with newscasters’ voices delivering unsavory news reports…financial crisis, candidates launching verbal darts, hurricane recovery…on and on.

It’s enough to rattle a person’s nerves if allowed. However, we can’t ignore these happenings. Sand was not meant as a home for our heads.

photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli

photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli

Instead I’ll suggest a momentary refuge. Have you noticed lately the sounds of the season? Anyone who knows me (or who reads this blog for long) knows that I love fall. The sounds around us right now aren’t all unique to fall, but humor me for now. As I tap out these words, a chorus of crickets sings my neighborhood to sleep. In the mountains, breezes play aspen leaves like nature’s wind chimes. Other trees surrender their leaves to tall piles in yards, laughing children crunching them with leaping cannon balls. Taking a moment to focus on small pleasures reminds me that our world still makes sense at times. I smile and thank God.

What about you? I could go on a lot longer, but I’d rather hear about your favorite seasonal sounds.