Reviews: It’s All About YOU!

I reserve the third Monday of each month for book reviews. I love sharing and talking with you about my favorite books and stories. And when it comes to movies and TV, the Read & View (formerly Virtual Views) message board at The Republic of Pemberley has long been a favorite hangout. …Except during the fall season. Downton Abbey airs each autumn in the U.K. before it does here in the U.S., and I want no part of spoilers! [Rant over.]

photo by Christopher Cornelius

photo by Christopher Cornelius

This month I got to wondering…

What do you, my dear reader, want to talk about? If we were hanging out, cups of coffee, hot chocolate–or tea, if you like nasty stuff–warming our hands, what would we chat about? What would interest you most in this space each month?

Would you like to see discussion about:

  • Novels (if so, which genres)?
  • Non-fiction (any certain topics)?
  • Historical movies or TV series?
  • Something else?

Please, comment and share your thoughts. Thank you!

P.S.: And speaking of coffee, here’s a recent shot outside of one of my favorite coffee houses: Blue House