Time Travel: Evolution of a Blog

If you’re a regular reader (thank you, by the way), you may have double-checked that you had the right address when you got here. Welcome to the new look of my site!

photo by Alexander Baxevanis

photo by Alexander Baxevanis

I’ve wanted an updated blog theme, new logo, etc. for a while. My ultra-talented IT/graphic designer, David (also the king of all husbands), jumped at the challenge months ago. He created the new logo and much of what you see here. I took a little longer to catch up. New website designs are part fun and part commitment phobia-inducing.

But now I’ve taken the leap to this, the third version since creating my blog in 2007. You see here the starting point. Over the next few weeks, I’ll play with it more, get formatting more to my liking, and overall become settled into my new online home. Let me know if you have feedback about functionality or if the look is easy on the eyes (or makes you want to poke them out). =)  All of the previous content remains.

And to scratch that itch about (recent) history, here’s where blogs came from: History of blogs