Good contest!

All of you make me smile. Last week I threw down a haiku challenge, and you stepped up to the plate. Kudos!

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Photo credit: Princess Theater

Photo credit: Princess Theater


Overall Winner: Kerri!

Coffee please, cream two sugars.
As I was saying

Filling one line with only one word? That’s hard core. You get the bragging rights and my eternal respect. Congratulations.

Reality Check Award: Ruth

They give me water
and drink coffee and their teas
can you say unfair?

Tellin’ it like it is. Word.

Purist Award: Sarah

Coffee in hand, they
sit. Stories in heart they tell.
A tree’s memories.

Sarah includes elements of traditional haiku that pay tribute to this classic art form.

Humor Award: Doddering Dad (a.k.a. Joel)

Eternal respect?
Shoulda seen me, I was young
Now just really broad

You’ve always made me chuckle, Daddy. =)

Spirit of Haiku-Off Award: David and Daniel

My name is David
and I drink girly coffee
I smell like a goat

My name is Daniel
I pick my nose in public
Purple platypus

I jealously watch
As they hold their espresso
But I don’t have thumbs

The smell is so nice
I wish I could taste coffee
But I am a tree

David smells so nice
He smells nothing like a goat
He is my hero

These Wonder Twins (they’re so going to love me for that) dazzled with their fierce haiku battle. I came close to snapping my fingers and flashing a dagger a la West Side Story.

So, there you have it.

Until next time, keep writing

Keep haikuing (smile)