“But I Don’t Have Time!”: 3 Ways to Fit More Bible into Your Day

Do you wish you had more time to read your Bible? Okay, let me flip that around: Do you know anyone (who’s a Christian) who doesn’t wish they had more time for the Bible?

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Photo by Brian Smithson

We’ve been in youth ministry for 21 years next month. At the mention of reading the Bible and spending time with God, almost on cue one of  the teenagers pipes up in a sincere voice, “But I don’t have time to read my Bible or pray every day!” I’m sympathetic, but I also suggest that if they don’t make time now, they won’t have time as adults, either.

At least they’re honest. And if we’re honest, it’s easy to find ourselves at the end of a hectic day and realize we didn’t so much as give God a “What’s up?” nod. Here are some simple ideas to add more Bible to your day.

1. Bedside Bible. Keep your Bible, or your Kindle/reading device with the Bible loaded, by your bed. Having it close will make it easier to read before your go to bed or, my preference, as soon as you wake up. Nothing starts the day like laying eyes on scripture as soon as they open.

2. Take advantage of throw-away minutes. Read during pauses in your day–the ATM line, the doctor’s waiting room, or the checkout line at the store. So often it’s easier to do mindless things like catch up on Facebook or browse magazines. We do need those mental breaks, but try using one of those times each day to read the Bible instead. See how it affects your outlook.

3. Post verses somewhere visible. Think about your daily routine. Where does your gaze land each day? The bathroom mirror, your car, your phone, the medicine cabinet? Try posting a verse each week in one of those places. Once, I took a picture of a passage with my phone and made that the “wallpaper” photo. I saw it each time a picked up my phone.

A long time ago I told my dad, “But I don’t have time for [some task I’ve now forgotten].” He shared this wisdom: “You’ll make time for the things that are important.” That stuck with me. Spending time in the Bible each day is crucial, and we’re blessed when we take advantage of reading God’s messages to us.

How about you? What tips do you have for adding more verses to your day?