Weekend silliness…seriously.

Fridays are a great time to write fun posts. Try this one on for size.

I’ve stumbled on to a fellow aspiring writer. Those of you who watch “The Office” on Thursdays are familiar with the character of Creed. He’s a harmless-looking, middle-aged character with a colorful past (and present; notice that I said he’s harmless looking). Pretty sure he’s lost brain cells along the way.

Anyway, this character has a (ahem) “blog” on the the show’s web site. Creed is now writing his own adventure story series, like the stories he said as a boy he read in the back of comic books. Here’s his blog, along with the first two installments of the story. Be sure to start with the April 3rd entry. I can’t vouch for how the story will evolve in the future, but so far it’s…um, creative.
Creed Thoughts