Surprise! I bet some of you thought I’d never post again, especially right now. Well, that’s the wonder of blogging technology.

Quick post: I was challenged to finish Creed’s story (see the previous post). Here’s how I think it went…(now told from Creed’s point of view)

As I mulled over how to capture the one-armed yeti pilot, he abruptly turned on his heels and marched outside the plane. Curiosity nagged me. I started to follow him. Though my body was willing, my legs were still weak from the cramping. I dragged a limp leg behind me, but I didn’t want the yeti to think that I was pretending to have a limp. Some people do that, ya know.

I tracked the yeti through the forest for several miles. The hours flew by as my curiosity propelled me onward. I then had to stop. The yeti paused at the edge of the forest, as if peering at something in the distance. I neared him and caught a glimpse of what he was watching. In the clearing sat a stately home, one of those traditional kinds you see in English movies like The English Patient. Horrible movie. Anyway, a short distance from the house was a young lady sipping from a teacup. She sat upright on her wicker furniture. Her brown, curly hair sprouted from her head like…well, brown, curly hair.

The yeti took a deep breath and strode purposefully toward the young lady. She looked up and smiled at him. It was her loving suitor. I thought to myself, “Hey, I want some tea, and she’s not bad looking.” So I followed the yeti. When I got there I poked him in the back. (I wouldn’t recommend doing that with your everyday yeti.) He turned around and growled at me.

I challenged him to a duel of words, with the lady as the prize. She batted her eyes. The yeti hung his head, for he could only babble around his lovely lady. I sang “Supercalafragalisticexpialadocious” and won her heart instantly. The yeti trotted back to his plane in defeat. I sat down on the wicker furniture, winked at me-lady, and gulped the scalding hot tea.

The End