Real Deal

Today is a special day for many reasons. First, it’s my husband’s birthday.  Second, it’s his twin brother’s birthday (surprise, surprise!).  Happy birthday, David and Daniel!

But this year is special for another reason. For David, today marks fifteen years in the ministry.  Hard to believe that time is passing so quickly. As college sweethearts apart for the summer, I remember clutching the phone all of those years ago, hearing him talk about starting his first ministry position that day. It’s likely he heard me grin through the phone line.

The truth is that even before that day he was a minister, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll keep ministering until the day he goes home to heaven, hopefully many, many years from now.

It’s simply who he is. His heartbeat echoes love for God and love for people. One of the unique aspects of being a minister’s spouse is seeing that person behind the scene, day-to-day.  David challenges me constantly through how he lives. He can’t help but praise God constantly. Many late evenings find him effortlessly creating the most beautiful guitar music in heartfelt tribute to Jesus. Many long days find him spending time with a troubled teenager, on a roof somewhere fixing an air conditioner, or offering a caring ear to a grieving person. He’s the real deal. Most people have no idea how much he does for others out of his love for God.  He looks more like Jesus than almost anyone I know.

And his ministry includes our home; he is the most wonderful husband I could ask for.

So, here’s to you, David…I’m privileged to have ministered with you these fifteen years. Here’s to many more!