A Capital Fellow

I’m reading a book that’s a portal to a different time and place.  In this world you encounter sabers and surreysholmes, telegrams and people uttering phrases like “a capital fellow.” It’s a turn-of-the-century Sherlock Holmes-ish mystery novel set in London. It’s one of those novels you find yourself savoring and you find yourself sucked into, walking around in its reality.

Mind you, this was written just a couple of years ago by an author from Oklahoma.  It’s fascinating how his grasp on this bygone era’s setting and way of speaking comes to life here and now. Makes me want to put on a plaid cape with a flourish and brandish a pipe.  Well, almost.

I love books, movies–just about anything–that draw you into another world.  It’s your opportunity for your own Quantum Leap.  So if you could choose a different location–just for a visit, where would you go?  What time and place would you choose to visit?