The Son

A few years ago I wandered onto the web site of one of my favorite Christian groups. A husband and wife made up the main part of this band.

With a few minutes to spare (surely I wasn’t procrastinating–not me!), their tour diary link caught my eye.  They had posted thoughts about each of their recent tour stops in the U.S.  As I scanned I expected to see summaries on what each performance was like, if there was a good turnout, etc.

I found something very different.

Yes, about ten percent of what was there was about the concerts themselves.  The other ninety percent was about nurseries and playgrounds.  Let me explain…

A lot of their concerts took place at churches, and their toddler son took part in the tour with them.  During the concerts, each church provided people to look after their son. Most of the tour diary was about how their son liked each caregiver, how fun the toys were, and if he tasted yummy snacks.

toddlerFor a split second I was surprised.  Where were the other details about the tour?  What were the concerts like?

Then I thought about how natural it was for them to focus on their son.  Yes, they enjoyed being one of the top names in Christian music with lots of music sold and a big, fancy tour, but that wasn’t their priority.  Family–namely their son–claimed priority.  What those caregivers did with him and how they treated him was what mattered most to these parents.

Later another thought hit me.  Isn’t that how God views this life?  Sure, lots of things are important to us.  I can rattle off a laundry list (sometimes literally) of “priorities” for each day.  And those things have a place.

But what do I do with God’s Son each day?  Do I pay attention to Him?  Do I chase other things, neglecting Him? Do I focus on His face, letting Him bring other priorities into focus in His time?

In the end, that’s all that matters.